Who We Are

Ben Futoran is a 2004 graduate of Cedarville University in Cedarville, Ohio. For the past decade he has been the Director of Bands at Indian Rocks Christian School in Largo, Florida where he currently teaches high school science and Bible. Ben grew up an army brat and had the privilege of many incredible experiences while moving around a bunch as a kid, including spending six years in Germany while his dad served as a chaplain. Between his parents’ intentional training, his experiences abroad, and his time at Cedarville, Ben has developed a love and passion for communicating the universal relevance and application of God’s Truth to our culture today.

Jacob Ferretti is currently studying business management at the University of South Florida and hopes to join the United States Marine Corps once he finishes college in the winter of 2016. His studies in Christian apologetics began in early 2013; someday he hopes to study it in a graduate-level program at a Christian university. His greatest interests within apologetics are philosophy and arguments for the existence of God, as well as promoting the role that apologetics needs to take in churches across the country to help Christianity retake its place as an influential voice in western culture.

Christopher Parish is a Biochemistry major at Rhodes College in Memphis, Tennessee. After having doubts about the existence of God over the course of his Junior year in High School, Christopher was guided by several spiritual mentors to the writings of knowledgeable and scholarly Christian thinkers. Ever since this period of doubt, he has felt called to share his faith through the vehicle of apologetics. His especially keen interests include advocacy for Christian intellectual commitment and the interaction between Faith and Science.

Tyler Bauer is a 2015 graduate of Clearwater Christian College in Clearwater, Florida. He currently teaches music and Bible classes at a school in Florida. He is currently pursuing  an MA in Apologetics.



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