What We Believe

“To be intellectually-disciplined Christians, submitting thought-provoking material that spurs other believers into intellectual discipleship and witnessing, and to give the skeptic the opportunity to see the academic merits of Christianity.”

The authors of this ministry are all in agreement in the existence of a divine, omnipotent Creator God, the fallen and sinful nature of all human beings (Romans 3:23), and the supernatural intervention of God in the mission of his divine son Jesus Christ, whose sacrifice and resurrection extended God’s grace and forgiveness to redeem humanity (John 3:16), and that only by accepting His forgiveness and admission of our sinful nature can we escape eternal separation from God (John 14:6).

While we are in agreement to this essential doctrine of Christian belief, we disagree on many other, non-essential beliefs regarding Christian doctrine, and our writings will likely reflect this.  As it should be with all people of different or opposing beliefs, our disagreements are respectful and will be courteously discussed and debated.


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