What is the Navigation Project?

Technology, Pornography, LGBTQIA, Immigration, Gun Control, Religion, Marijuana

These are just some of the issues that people must sift through today. How should we understand these issues? What does the Bible say about them?

The Navigation Project is designed to help people understand more about these issues, the Bible, and themselves. Our goal is to provide a rational approach, consistent with the Biblical message about how to navigate through our culture.

Here you will find articles and videos designed to help you better understand your faith, various worldview, why the think Christianity is the best worldview, and how we should approach culture through the lens of Scripture. We think that Scripture has something to say about every aspect of life and that our work as Christians is not just to survive culture, but to redeem it for God’s Glory.

We hope you find the information here useful and to help you think Biblically about everything.


Photo Taken by:Josiah Mackenzie


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