“Re” Words

A Brief note: To read more about the information in this post, pick up the book Restoring All Things by John Stonestreet and Warren Cole Smith.

I often find myself wondering how well Christians understand our purpose in the world around us. (Myself included) Sometimes I hear that our job is simply to evangelize, or that our job is to be a light in a dark world. I don’t disagree with these statements, but I think that there is more to the Christian Worldview than just this passive “be a light” idea.

As noted by some of my favorite authors, the Bible is full of words that start with “re.” Some are positive: Redeem, renew, repent, resurrection.

Some are negative: Reject, resist.

While those negative “re” words can be important, our focus should be on the positive. We should strive to be more “for” something rather than “against” something. As Christians, we’ve been giving the task of working towards the redemption of the broken world and helping people reconcile their broken relationships, whether its with themselves, other, or with God.

Our job is not to get as many people off the sinking ship as possible; it is to work towards repairing and rebuilding the old one. This includes showing as many people the light of Christ as possible and taking a stand against evil in the world.

All of this is only possible when we allow Christ to work through us. We may have a duty to work towards the redemption of the world, but the story isn’t really about us.

Finally, here are a few short thoughts to apply the above to apologetics and worldview:

  1. Love Jesus above all else

Our main job of restoring the world cannot be accomplished if we love to reason, debate, and study more than we love to strive after Christ. If our primary job is to restore the world, it can only be done through Him. Apologetics is a tool, not the mission

  1. Cultivate friendships with non-believers

This has multiple benefits. It helps you to learn more about the world around you and what others believe and it is working towards that process of restoring humanity. It also creates a safer place to discuss an issue. I would much rather argue with a friend that has a diverse ideology than someone who doesn’t know anything about me. A friend is simply trying to convince me of what they believe is the truth. Getting into arguments with anybody can often lead to strong emotions and assertions.

  1. Find a mentor

We need people who have done life longer than we have. They can offer incredible advice to us that we may never have come across on our own.


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